Get Started

  1. Download or make your own copy of the Graphic Math Art Worksheetworksheet.
  2. Learn about the tools you will need to finish the project in the Overview.
  3. Create a schedule to complete the project in two weeks.
  4. Research the information about conic sections on the internet. Check with your teacher for the validity of information.
  5. Follow the twelve steps below.

Art is comprised of shapes

As you design your logo, learn about these basic geometric shapes and how they would be created uniformly on a coordinate plane.

Think about your logo design

Research logos
To do:
  • Decide what country your client is from.
  • Begin thinking about a logo: product, colors
  • Complete Slides #1, 2

Lines and parabolas

Review what you know about lines and parabolas.
To do:
  • Complete the lines worksheet section
  • Complete the parabolas worksheet section
  • Complete slide #3

Conic Section

Research a conic section
To do:
  • Find images of naturally occurring conic sections
  • Complete the conic sections worksheet section
  • Complete slide #4


Research circles
To do:


ellipse image resize.jpg
Research an Ellipse
To do:
  • Find images of naturally occurring Ellipses
  • Complete the Ellipse section on the worksheet
  • Complete slide #6


Research a hyperbola
To do:
  • Find images of naturally occurring hyperbolas
  • Complete the hyperbola section of worksheet
  • Complete slide #7
  • Check in #2 with teacher - share the slide show with teacher get feed back on accuracy of the work - check that teacher has editing permission

Design Analysis in Desmos

Analyze a design
To do:


The-yellow-red flower-logotypes101.jpg
Research logo design
To do:
  • Locate three logos
  • Decompose of the images of just one logo using geometric modeling
  • Check in #3 with peer group - Discuss the image composition
  • Create your logo in Desmos calculator

Create art

Create art.png
Create your logo in Desmos Calculator. Use the rubric to evaluate your work.

Project Day

Students will share their slideshow and logo.